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Instant Enlightenment 

Lasting Inspiration

Emotion stimulates the mind 3000 times faster than rational thought

People will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel



Julia Vostrilova Inhale Love Svetlana Vasyanina Andrey Volkov Svetlana Vasyanina Vadim Kotelnikov Love Yourself Build Loving Relationships Do What Your Love To Do One World One Way Many Paths Love To Live Love Is Life Love: One Way Many Paths Vadim Kotelnikov Love   Vadim Kotelnikov Emfographics Cast of Actors Ksenia Kotelnikova SURPRISE TO WIN emfographics by Vadim Kotelnikov - How to Win in Business


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Enttepreneurial Creativity You Are Amazingly Creativie Vadim Kotelnikov Ten3 Business e-Coach: global success Entrepreneurial Creativity Taking Action Entrepreneur Vadim Kotelnikov Motivation Cross-functional Excellence Emfographica Cast of Actors Entrepreneurial Creativity Emfographics by Vadim Kotelnikov, Definition of Entrepreneurial Creativity


Entrepreneurial Creativity: Definition of Entrepreneurial Creativity by Vadim Kotelnikov






Happy vs. Unhappy People: 10 Differences (video-course) Julia Vostrilova Emfographics Cast of Actors Happiness Way Two-Way Road emfographics by Vadim Kotelnikov


Happiness Way Two-Way Road emfographics by Vadim Kotelnikov





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Invented on 07.29,2012

Instant Enlightenment

Lasting Inspiration


Invaluable for inspirational   Education   Marketing    Entertainment


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